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Opportunity Description
Create Travel Baskets  Travel baskets are given to Provide the Assist Grant recipients as they prepare to travel way from their homes for treatment. We could use volunteers to assemble these baskets each month as well as secure donated items.
Volunteer Management Assist with volunteer recruitment;placement;record keeping and recognition including the annual Volunteer luncheon.
Grant Research/Writing Assist the Community Outreach committee with researching; writing and executing grants that support the EDDF mission.
Blood Drive Recruiter Work with individuals; groups and companies to recruit blood donors and promote blood drives.
Clerical Assist with administrative tasks.


Opportunity Description
Vendor Management Gather in-kind gifts for raffles;silent auctions and giveaways
Guest Relations Recruit speakers and sponsorships
Event Management Set up and/or break down

Social Media

Opportunity Description
Blogger write blog posts for Foundation website in area of interest (health;family; fitness; nutrition and more).Full writing credit will be given.
Photographer  Take photos for website or fundraising event. Full credit given.
Event Management Set up and/or break down

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Got Ideas?

If you have a volunteer idea and don’t see it listed, please let us know. We would love to hear from you.  Please email your volunteer idea to remie@ericddavisfoundation.org with Volunteer Idea in the subject field.



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