Update On Sarcoma Warrior: Brett


We were so excited to receive the following update on Brett, who was profiled on our site November 2014. 

It has been a rough few months since Brett was diagnosed with sarcoma.  Since November, Brett has now completed 4 rounds of his aggressive chemotherapy. When the family arrived for Brett’s 5th round, he was scheduled for scans and a visit with his doctor prior to treatment.  After the scans were finished, Brett and his family anxiously waited in the patient room for the doctor to hear the scan results.

Surprisingly, the doctor entered with a smile and gave Brett the best news he and his family had heard since this journey began.  The doctor was pleased with the results and determined that Brett’s 5th round of chemotherapy was not needed until after his surgery.

Brett had the most amazing smile on his face that his family and friends haven’t seen in some time.  After reviewing the scans,  the spot on Brett’s lung is no longer visible and the lump on his leg is smaller than when it was initially found.  Brett was scheduled for leg surgery on 2/04/2015.  The results of the surgery will then help decide the next steps in his treatment plan.

If you haven’t noticed, Brett is a fighter.  Please continue to keep Brett and his family in your thoughts and prayers.



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