Twitter is a Great Resource for Caregivers and People Fighting Sarcoma


Does the thought of Twitter completely confuse you? That’s ok, there is a level of intimidation before you use any new social network. However, over the timeframe that we (@EDDFoundation) have been on Twitter, we have learned how easy it is to use and how it can be a very helpful resource for those battling sarcoma and other diseases.

Here are just a few of the reasons this social platform is informative, supportive and a strong networking source:

Constant stream of updates: Depending on how many people you follow on Twitter, you‘ll see that it is a rapidly moving stream of information. Many Tweeters link to new articles, blog posts, breaking news and more. Feel free to use the search tool and pay attention to hashtags as well as that is what is trending on Twitter.

Tweetchats: Almost like an online chatroom, Tweetchats are an organized timeframe in which a certain group of people meet on Twitter to discuss something. For example, #TreatDiariesChat is a Tweet chat that meets on Tuesday nights and discusses different topics. These Tweetchats often bring in experts and others who are going through a similar situation. You can follow the Tweetchat by clicking the designated hashtag (eg  #TreatDiariesChat) and use that hashtag when you contribute.

Networking: Every time you support others on Twitter by following them or through retweeting their updates and favoriting their tweets, they get a message alerting them that you have done one of those things. This lets them know that you are out there and may connect the two of you. This is how we met Stephanie Zimmerman a sarcoma survivor and director of myHeartyourHands as well as Andrea Nugent, a breast cancer survivor, author and founder of Bionic Girls. Both women have been featured on our blog and are exceptional contacts made through Twitter.

Some popular Tweeters in the sarcoma community include (this is just a sampling, but if you want to add anyone, please let us know in the comments):

@CureSarcoma: Sarcoma Foundation

@Sarcoma_UK: Sarcoma UK

@Bruce_S: Bruce Shriver, Founder of the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative

@TeamSarcoma: Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative

@1Million4Anna: 1Million 4 Anna Foundation

@EDDFoundation: Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation

@DanisFoundation: Martha Simmons of Dani’s Foundation

@SarcomaAlliance: Sarcoma Alliance

@MyHeartYourHands: Stephanie Zimmerman

@NoreenBo: Noreen Boland

@CancerHAWK: Robyn Stoller

@23andMeSarcoma: 23 and Me

@BriMacIsaacFndn: Brian MacIsaac Sarcoma Foundation

@KickSarcoma: Dr. Grace Moshi

@MDAndersonNews: MD Anderson

@TonyOncDoc: Dr. Tony Philip

@TheCSHF: The Cynthia Solomon Holmes Foundation

@MandosCause: Armando Del Toro

And there are so many amazing, informative and supportive people in the cancer and rare disease communities on Twitter as well. Right now this list is focusing on sarcoma, but eventually we’ll add to our list with some of those Tweeters as they are so valuable as well.


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