The Significance of the EDDF Symbols


Many of the supporters of EDDF have been with the organization since day 1. You may have even been with EDDF before day 1. And, many of you have joined EDDF along the way. For those of you who may not know the EDDF founders personally, or if you did not have the chance to meet Eric, this blog post will detail what the symbols chosen to represent EDDF mean.

The color purple represents the organization in the logo, the website and more. Purple is the symbolic color representing courage, so it is fitting for EDDF.

Founders Nia and Zanetta Davis elaborate from their point of view. “Eric’s favorite color was purple which is why we chose it for EDDF,” Zanetta explains.

Eric was a huge basketball fan and player. “Since the time I was little my daddy has always had a love for basketball. When he was not playing the sport he was always watching it and talked about it,” Nia says.

“From the time I met Eric, he always had a basketball with him and was an avid player.  Michael Jordan was his favorite player and he loved the sport,” Zanetta says.

Nia adds, ”He was kinda disappointed when I didn’t share the same love for basketball but I still watch the game with him. Basketball was part of his life.”

“He played in various tournaments including Hoop it Up and every week at the local gym.  He and others used to tell me that he was a legend in his neighborhood.  Because he was always nervous when I watched him, I only heard about the legend but never saw it. LOL,” Zanetta says.

The founders of EDDF say that they chose the tagline “Providing the assist to finding a cure” because “assist” is also a basketball term that sets up a player to score.  Zanetta explains that this tagline “acknowledges that we believe our role is to setup those in the sarcoma community (from researchers, doctors, and patients) for success and ultimately a cure.”

Like many organizations, EDDF was founded in the name of a very special person. Hopefully now you have a better idea of where the dedication and drive of the people involved with EDDF comes from.

To learn more about Eric, please visit Eric’s Story on our website. Or, visit our Pinterest page. We have boards detailing why we fight and one about Eric’s wish list.


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