Provide the Assist Fund

provide the assist fundDue to the rarity of adult sarcoma, research in this field has attracted fewer investigators.  The development of multidisciplinary treatment and research programs necessary to develop new therapies for sarcoma is limited to a few hospitals and cancer centers requiring many patients to travel away from their homes to receive the necessary treatments.

The Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation (EDDF) Provide the Assist Fund offers much-needed financial help for sarcoma patients in active treatment.  Each patient is eligible for a maximum of $1,500 in financial assistance. Provide the Assist grants may also be awarded to adults in active treatment for other rare cancers.  Rare cancers are defined as cancers affecting 200,000 or less Americans.

Grants help cover the costs for:

  • transportation (airfare, tolls, car rental, gas, taxi service)
  • lodging during treatments
  • meals during treatments
  • childcare during treatment

Please note: The EDDF Provide the Assist Fund does not provide financial assistance for basic living expenses, and treatment for sarcoma (any type) or rare cancer is required. An application is not a guarantee of receiving a grant. Funds are limited and based on eligibility and availability.

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