Profiles of Sarcoma: Suzanne


Something is not right

Two years ago, Suzanne felt a lump under her right arm.  A breast cancer survivor, Suzanne knew to immediately go to her oncologist about it.  The doctor told Suzanne it was probably a boil and to just watch it.  Suzanne noticed no other symptoms until seven months later when the lump began to hurt.  Concerned, Suzanne scheduled a visit with her primary care physician who diagnosed the pain as caused by an ingrown hair.  Suzanne was placed on antibiotics and pain medications.

Fighting cancer a second time

After three months with no success, Suzanne’s lump grew larger.  Finally, her doctor ordered a MRI.  Suzanne was one month shy of her 10 year breast cancer anniversary, when she was diagnosed with angiosarcoma.

Headed to Texas

Suzanne had never heard of sarcoma before her diagnosis.  Since it is so rare, Suzanne’s family researched facilities to make sure she received the best treatment.  Their search led them to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.  Living in Indiana, Suzanne sent her daughter to live with her brother while she and her mom packed up and moved to Houston so she could receive intense chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and more chemo.

Strength during treatment

Suzanne had to stop chemo due to the toll it was taking on her body in July of last year.  She went home thinking this was all over only to start feeling pain in her hip four months later.  Another round of CT scans and MRIs showed the sarcoma was back and this time it was in Suzanne’s bone. Suzanne is staying home for chemo this time, but she flies back and forth to Houston for test and check ups.

With God’s help, Suzanne is praying she can beat it this time.

My daughter is being a very brave trooper through all of this! I am so proud of her strength and resilience.  Suzanne, Sarcoma Warrior


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