Profiles of Sarcoma: Andrea


In May 2012, Andrea had a great opportunity to work with a company she had been interested in for years. Andrea and her family packed up and moved so she could accept the position.  Things were going great until she was diagnosed with Adeno Sarcoma six months later.

Since Andrea had just started with the company, she did not qualify for disability benefits or FMLA. Because she had to work while in treatment, Andrea would work nights and weekends to make up any time she missed for doctor’s appointments and treatments.  Over the course of three surgeries in a six months span, Andrea would get out of the hospital one day, and be on the computer at work the next morning.

During the summer of 2013, Andrea and her family spent most of the summer living in hotels and sleeping on the floors and couches of family members while she did daily radiation treatments at Duke Hospital.  Although the hospital was 2.5 hours away from where Andrea lived, it was one of the few capable of treating such a rare cancer in North Carolina.

In July 2014, after a much needed vacation to Disney World, Andrea got the news that the cancer was back. After another surgery, that removed 4 tumors, the pathology report came back with a DIFFERENT type of sarcoma cancer than Andrea was previously diagnosed.  This time, it is Leiomyosarcoma.

Although it has been a challenge, Andrea is thankful for all the support she has received.



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