Profiles of Sarcoma: Alanzo


I’m a survivor of synovial sarcoma cancer, and I thank God for seeing me through.

On October 23rd 2014, Alanzo was working at a warehouse doing shipping and receiving. A big box fell on his right hand causing it to swell even though he put ice on it.  Still swolen, Alanzo went to the hospital the next day to get it checked.  After a few exams, the doctor told Alanzo he had an abscess.

Although initially told it was just an abscess, later exams and a biopsy uncovered that Alanzo’s hand actually contained a cancerous tumor diagnosed as synovial sarcoma.  Alanzo was later referred to Montefiore Medical Center for treatment.

Although Alanzo’s right thumb had to be amputated, he is a sarcoma cancer survivor.  Surgery was followed by eighteen weeks of chemotherapy.  Alanzo counts his faith in God and his family for seeing him through.



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