Our Mission


This fight is personal.

Each year, at least 15,000 new cases of sarcoma (a type of malignant tumor that occurs in soft tissue and bone) are diagnosed in the United States. While the disease is most common in adolescents and young adults, the five-year survival rate for sarcoma is about 65%. In particular, soft tissue sarcoma is a rare and malignant cancer that can occur anywhere in the body including organs, muscles, joints, tendons, fat, blood vessels, nerves and tissues. The disease tends to be more aggressive and often fatal due to a lack of specific symptoms and a subsequent delay in diagnosis. Eric D. Davis’ battle against soft tissue sarcoma began when he noticed a small lump on his chest. An avid basketball player, Eric was nevertheless motivated to beat the odds and underwent an aggressive treatment schedule which included radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy. Sadly, this treatment regimen was insufficient and Eric ran out of options to beat the disease after eighteen months at the relatively young age of 40.

We provide the assist to adults with this disease.

For others who are still battling this disease, there exists an open window of opportunity to innovate more effective treatment therapies which will improve their chances of survival. Dedicated to providing financial and educational support to adults fighting sarcoma as well their families, the Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation (EDDF) is a nonprofit organization which understands all too well the impact that a cancer diagnosis can have on a family. Established in Texas in January 2012 by Eric’s family and friends in his honor and memory, EDDF provides:

  • Financial travel grants,
  • Educational workshops and
  • Age-appropriate support for families handling a parental diagnosis of cancer

We provide the assist to those pursuing innovative treating options.

EDDF is also an advocate for much-needed cancer research support. Due to the rarity of adult sarcoma (1% of all adult tumors), research in this field has attracted few investigators. As a result, there has been little advancement in sarcoma treatment compared to other cancers over the past 20 years. The current treatment for patients with soft tissue sarcoma is surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy. In many cases, chemotherapy has proven to be ineffective in treating soft tissue sarcoma especially once the cancer has metastasized and spread to other areas of the body. Despite these challenges, promising new treatments are being developed. Health care specialists and researchers dedicated to sarcoma are collaborating to uncover more effective therapies for patients.

New therapeutic approaches are the only hope for sarcoma patients who do not respond to traditional treatments. However, the development of multidisciplinary treatment and research programs necessary to create new therapies for sarcoma is limited to a few hospitals and cancer centers. Many patients are therefore obligated to travel away from home for long periods of time just to receive the necessary treatments.

We provide the assist through diversified programs and services.

Through our programs and services, EDDF delivers a diversified support system which includes patient advocacy, family counseling, and travel assistance. These programs not only serve to promote sarcoma awareness throughout the general community they also address the impact upon the family when there is a parental diagnosis of cancer. We are committed to supporting those who are working to finding a cure for tomorrow while also offering tangible assistance to those fighting the disease today.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing the assist to:

  • Educate others about sarcoma and the need for better treatments
  • Encourage sarcoma warriors and caregivers
  • Enhance the lives of adults in treatment with travel assistance grants

Our Vision

Adults with sarcoma and their families will know they are not alone and are able to grow and thrive with renewed hope based on heightened awareness for this cancer and greater access to improved treatments and therapies that ultimately lead to a cure.

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