When someone is diagnosed with a rare cancer like sarcoma, they can often feel isolated. They are often faced with misdiagnosis, delay in diagnosis or lack of effective treatment options. With all of these burdens, it can be difficult to keep hope.

Because of the complexity of sarcoma and the more than 50 sub-types, there is not one key to a sarcoma cure, but it is all the little keys that can give us hope. Beginning April 6th, we want to honor your reasons for pressing on through our #MyKeystoHope campaign.

What Are Your Keys?

We all have many reasons to hold on to hope. For some it is their family, faith, or friends.  Others are encouraged by the latest discoveries in sarcoma research or efforts to increase awareness for this ‘forgotten cancer.’  Whatever your reason, we encourage you to download our sign and share yours with the world.

  • Print It: Download and Print our template from the mykeystohope.org site or make your own.
  • Photo It: Take a photo of you with the sign.
  • Post It: Upload to social media with the hashtag #mykeystohope


Join our Hope Stream

From now until our Annual Keys to Hope Brunch May 23rd,your motivation for never giving up could be featured on our Hope Stream.

Where there is a Key, there is yet Hope.

Keys to Hope Brunch

All of this leads up to our annual Keys to Hope Brunch.  The 2015 brunch will be May 23rd, 2015 at the beautiful Thorntree Country Club in Desoto, TX.  The EDDF Keys to Hope Brunch provides the opportunity to celebrate sarcoma warriors, angels and caregivers.  Visit our event site to register for your tickets. We would love to see you there!


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