Meet Board Member: Charles Robertson

Next up in our behind-the-scenes look at the people who help run EDDF is Charles Robertson. Thanks Charles for the amazing work you do on the board and for giving us some insight into your role.

Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation (EDDF): Tell us about yourself.

Charles Robertson (CR): I’m creative, analytical and resourceful and have worked in a sales support role for over 25 years. Currently, I am a proposal writer at FedEx Office. Basically, I respond to customer’s request for proposals and write proposals to introduce potential customers to our service offerings.

My likes include going out to eat, movies, an art show or gallery, a concert on occasion, road trips and experience what life has to offer. I enjoy gardening, plants, remodeling and gathering ideas. While I like some things planned, I tend to enjoy spontaneity. The best moments in life are not always planned and often where you least expect them. I tend to share my diverse group of friends with my family. So my friends tend to know my family quite well.

EDDF: How did you get involved with the Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation?

CR: Last year my partner of over 21 years died of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). After his death, I started helping out Remie with some of the work she was doing for the Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation. I had several suggestions and a month or so later, Nia and Zanetta asked me to join the board of directors. Zanetta, Remie and I have worked together over the past 15 or more years at two different companies.

EDDF: What are your duties on the board?

CR: That’s a very good question. There’s never a lack of anything to do with an organization that’s 100 percent volunteer. We all wear various hats depending on the need or event. Officially, I am the VP of Community Relations. I work on building relationships with our partners and sponsors while seeking to gain new contacts that will help in our efforts to raise sarcoma awareness.

EDDF: Which event or initiative are you looking forward to the most this year?

CR: I will be hosting a booth for EDDF to promote sarcoma awareness at this year’s AIDS LifeWalk in October. Kaposi’s sarcoma can effect those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS so I believe this is a great way to support two causes dear to me.

EDDF: Why are you proud to sit on the board of EDDF? 

CR: Being HIV positive for over 25 years, I know what it’s like to be fighting a cause that you believe in. Zanetta is a lifelong friend who I would do whatever it takes to support her and EDDF.

EDDF: Anything you would like to add?

CR: Come to an event, check out our Facebook page or read our blog. Whatever it takes! You will see the passion that both Nia Davis and Zanetta Davis bring to Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation. And most of all…we need your donation. A small recurring donation is a simple way to give that will have a lasting impact for those fighting this disease.


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