Forget Me Not: An Organization Founded in Honor of a Loved One Lost to Cancer

This week we launched our Forget me Not Campaign (details below). This is a way we can all pay tribute to those we’ve lost to any form of cancer.

As part of the Forget Me Not campaign, we decided to write a profile of an organization that was founded in memory and in honor of a loved one lost to cancer. The person lives on through the work of the organization to better the lives of people who have a similar disease. This is similar to how EDDF was founded and it is also how the Allyson Whitney Foundation was started.

Allyson Whitney was just 25 when she lost her fight with small cell cervical cancer.  According to MDAnderson, small cell cervical cancer is a rare subtype of cervical cancer and approximately 100 of the cervical cancer cases diagnosed in the US each year are small cell cervical cancer.

In her honor, the Allyson Whitney Foundation was formed. They are a non-profit organization based in New York that works toward their mission of empowering, supporting and improving the lives of young adults with rare cancers. They provide grants to these young adults so the stress of the high cost of medical treatments doesn’t disrupt their focus on getting healthy.

Some of their other programs include providing funding for the MDAnderson’s worldwide database for patients and doctors to work together see other protocols for small cell cervical cancer. They also work with DKMS Americas to provide swabbing supplies to find donors for the Bone Marrow National Registry.

We wish them the best and encourage them to keep up the life-changing work they are doing.

To learn more about the Allyson Whitney Foundation, visit them on Facebook or Twitter.

EDDF’s Forget-Me-Not campaign runs through October 12, 2012. It welcomes people to make a donation in honor of a person who lost the battle against cancer. EDDF will post the name and a photo of the person, or the person’s name next to a photo of the Forget-Me-Not flower, on the EDDF Facebook page. They will also honor them on Pinterest, along with Twitter using the hashtag #ForgetMeNot. Learn more about how you can get involved in EDDF’s Forget Me Not Campaign.

  1. jenniferbeasley | October 17, 2012 at 7:56 am

    I lost my sister to MDS and run a lot of races that have to do with cancer funding, research, honoring, etc. I would love to know more and be a part of this

    • EDDF | October 18, 2012 at 8:29 pm

      Our hearts go to you and your family on the loss of your sister. We know all too well the pain and impact of cancer to the family. Like MDS, there is little awareness about sarcoma. We invite you to tour our site and visit our Facebook page. We will frequently post volunteer/fundraising opportunities in both places.


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