EDDF’s Goals and Priorities For 2014


We are thrilled to ring in 2014 with all our amazing community of supporters and friends. We have some great plans we’d like to share with you that we’ll be working toward in 2014.

The feedback we receive from our community is how much you enjoy reading our Profiles of Sarcoma page. We’ve had so many kind people bravely tell their stories of sarcoma. It helps us all feel a little less isolated in a journey that can be lonely no matter how many people you are surrounded by. So, a new plan we have for 2014 is to tell more stories of sarcoma. We’d also like to follow some of those stories and update them throughout the year in a Sarcoma Journey series. Please contact us if you’d like to tell your story or be part of the Sarcoma Journey series and keep us posted on your progress (or that of a loved one) throughout the year. Well also be sharing Profiles of Sarcoma in our newsletters.

Volunteerism is big in 2014 and whether you are near us in Texas or far away, you can still pitch in.  Our first call for volunteers locally is at our Key to Hope Brunch on Sunday, March 2 in the Dallas area. If you’re not near us, but still want to volunteer, you can host a Party With A Purpose, run a race to support EDDF or host your own coin drive.

Speaking of coin drives, we’re also welcoming supporters to host a Making Cents for Sarcoma coin drive. It’s simple and free to host one and even the smallest donation makes a big impact! Details on how to host one are in this link. We’ll be hosting a Making Cents for Sarcoma coin drive for the full year! Look to us in 2015 for the results of how we did!

Have you visited our YouTube page? We’d love to get more viewers and subscribers! We feature informative videos on sarcoma, videos recapping great moments from events and more.

And, we are proud to announce that we are marking our second year as a foundation on February 4, 2014. In honor of this day, our 2014 fundraising campaign is Give 2 Hope complete with $2 Tuesdays. Your gift of just $2 helps support our Provide the Assist Fund. When you give, 100% of your direct donations goes to supporting adult sarcoma patients and never covers EDDF’s operational expenses.  So when you give $2, you really give $2.

As we continue through 2014 we’ll keep you posted on some of our other goals and priorities. We think these, in addition to the many initiatives we have going on, are a great start to the year! In case you haven’t seen our mission it is posted below.

The Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation (EDDF) is dedicated to finding a cure for sarcoma, a rare cancer, by increasing public awareness, funding sarcoma research, and providing support for adults with sarcoma and their families through financial assistance, education and advocacy.

We believe this will be accomplished by cooperative collaboration with those organizations, medical professionals, and individuals that share these common goals.

With the help of our generous sponsors, foundation partners, and the tireless work of the EDDF Board of Directors, we are committed to supporting innovative research that leads to the discovery of tomorrow’s cure while also providing immediate support today to patients who must travel great distances to receive life-saving treatments.

Reaching our goal of a sarcoma cure will require a team effort – the ultimate assist.



  1. Deanna Groom Grant | January 6, 2014 at 12:03 am

    What does a Party With A Purpose entails?

    • EDDF | January 6, 2014 at 10:45 pm

      Hi Deanna,
      The party can be as big or small as you make it. Typically, it can be a dinner party, dance, BBQ, birthday party or other event. We recommend informing your guests that it is a fundraising event for EDDF, and there will either be a cover charge or minimum donation requested. Once you have the details, we can provide EDDF promotional materials that explain our mission and programs. Thanks for asking and happy planning!


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