EDDF to Participate in the AIDS ARM LifeWalk in Dallas


On Sunday, October 6, 2013, the Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation will have a booth at the AIDS ARM LifeWalk in Dallas.  Not only are we happy to support this great event, but we are there to support those fighting Kaposi Sarcoma, which can develop in people who are HIV positive.

According to the American Cancer Society:

“Kaposi sarcoma (KS) is a cancer that develops from the cells that line lymph or blood vessels. In the US, the most common type of KS is epidemic or AIDS-related KS.

A person infected with HIV (that is, who is HIV-positive) does not necessarily have AIDS. The virus can be present in the body for a long time, often many years, before causing major illness. The disease known as AIDS begins when the virus has seriously damaged the immune system, which results in certain types of infections or other medical complications, including KS. When HIV damages the immune system, people who also are infected with a certain virus (the Kaposi sarcoma herpesvirus or KSHV) are more likely to develop KS.

With new treatments for AIDS, KS has become less common in the US, and it now occurs at a rate of about 6 cases per million people each year. It is still seen most often in people infected with HIV.”

Team-Eric-Logo SmallBoardmember Charles Robertson is leading EDDF’s participation at the LifeWalk and has offered to match donations and contribute to EDDF as follows:

Click Team Eric to visit EDDF’s team web page and join our team as a virtual walker. (No donation is required). http://www.lifewalk.org/EDDF

For the first 20 team members that donate $5 or more, Charles will match the first $5 of your donation and donate $5 to EDDF.  e.g., Donate $5, $10 or more for LifeWalk. Charles will donate $5 to Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation ($5 x 20 = $100)

Event details:

Please support the Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation’s booth for the 2013 AIDS ARM LifeWalk


Sunday: October 6, 2013 – 11:00 AM at Lee Park

3333 Turtle Creek Blvd Dallas, TX 75219

Team Eric Page: http://www.lifewalk.org/EDDF


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