EDDF is Supporting the Sarcoma Community on Google Plus!


If you’re on Google Plus (G+) you may have noticed that we are too! In addition to actively supporting profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Linked In, the Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation decided to join Google Plus as well. Yes, we are busy!

Click here to see the Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation’s Google Plus page.

What’s different about G+ is people on there have the ability to share certain information with certain audiences (or Circles) as they call it.  So if we have upcoming information about a local event, we may share it with one group or new medical information may be shared with another group. Basically it streamlines and really targets the information we are sending out to the correct audience.

Another thing we have coming up on G+ is a community. This will be a place where we can all share stories, ideas, tips, advice, support and more as a group. Similar to an online support group, this will be a home for everyone to communicate – something that is so important for the sarcoma community. We’ll tell you as soon as we launch this new sarcoma community.

For the most part, we’d say G+ is fairly similar to Facebook. You have a profile (just like your wall) and you share news, ideas, photos, and videos in a very similar way to Facebook. You can also chat with friends and more. One big difference between G+ and Facebook is that G+ has hangouts. Hangouts are quite similar to live chats or live conversations among a group on a selected date and time. They can also be videos, similar to Skype, but in a hangout you can have many people on the video chat at the same time.

There are many great features to G+, so if you’re bored with Facebook, or ready for something new, check it out!

It is simple to join Google Plus! If you’re interested, here is a quick video showing how to set up a G+ account (and a Google account if you don’t already have one).


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