Your Advice For Facing Sarcoma


Here at EDDF we love when people share their stories of sarcoma. The reason is because it is such a rare form of cancer, many people feel so alone after a diagnosis. Sure, they have their friends and family, but it definitely helps to be able to relate to someone else who has been in the same situation. So that is why we are so thankful when people write in and tell us their unique story of sarcoma. We have heard from people across the globe and every story helps our community.

Today we are looking to you – experts, doctors, survivors, friends, family and caretakers of someone facing (or has faced) sarcoma to give advice to others. It’s simple to help out and you can be public or anonymous. If you have any tips on any of the following (or other ideas from you) please help out the community.

You are the experts and we want to hear from you on any or all of these topics:


–       What suggestions do you have for explaining to people what sarcoma is?

–       What helped you feel more comfortable during treatments?

–       Do you have any books or websites that you used for support or information?

–       What advice do you have for a newly-diagnosed person?

–       Have you participated in a clinical trial? What was that like?

–       Anything you wish you had done differently?



–       How did you tell your friends and family?

–       How did you talk to your children?

–       What questions did they have?

–       Any books or resources that helped your family?

–       What did your family do that helped you out?

–       What could they have done that would have made the process easier?



–       How long did you wait to tell your company?

–       Who did you speak with first (HR, boss, etc)?

–       What would you have done differently?

–       Did you take time off?


If you’d like to share your advice on facing life with sarcoma, click here to visit us and let us know the firsthand advice you have. Or copy and paste this link:


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