We Want Pass the Rock to Go Global


Congratulations to CJ Massinburg! His Pass the Rock photo earned the most “likes” on the Eric D. Davis Foundation (EDDF) Facebook page throughout the NBA playoffs. CJ should be proud of his MVP status and he even has a new Team Eric t-shirt to reflect his great work. We thank all of you for sending in your Pass the Rock photos, but we are not done yet!

Summer vacations are in full swing and we want you to take the EDDF ball on your next trip. That’s right. We want to see the EDDF ball go global! Whether it is Tokyo, Taiwan or Toledo, let’s see how many different places around the world that we can photograph ourselves with the EDDF ball. So when you are packing for your next trip, make sure you bring along your EDDF ball, a camera and a smile. Pick a great spot that shows off your travel destination and take a photo.  Upload your photo to our Facebook page for all of our fans to see.

In addition to your travel photos with the EDDF ball, we also encourage you to continue taking and sharing great photos around town with the EDDF ball. If you would like to purchase the EDDF ball, click here to visit our EDDF merchandise page.

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