Tips To Run a Coin Drive


EDDF will be kicking off a coin drive to support sarcoma research, awareness and adults in active treatment – and we welcome you to join us!

It’s simple and fun to start a coin drive. Here are some tips to get started and host a successful coin drive to support the work of EDDF.

  1. Contact EDDF to get our Making Cents of Sarcoma signage to print and place on your coin collection containers.
  2. Think about your goals. Is it to fill the coin collection, is it a monetary goal. Select a timeframe in which you’d like to achieve this goal. Tell EDDF your timeframe goals.
  3. Brush up on the work of EDDF so you can tell friends and family where their coins are going. Our mission is listed below to get you started.
  4. Set up your coin collection container. Small boxes, milk jugs and large plastic cups work well. Make sure they are sealed with an obvious slit big enough to fit coins or folded bills. Make more than one if you have local establishments willing to allow you to leave it with them in a safe place.
  5. Walk into local businesses that get high traffic and introduce yourself. Tell them about your coin drive, your goals, your timeframe, how it will support the sarcoma community, etc. Ask if they’d be willing to display one in a safe place to collect funds. Establish a time when you’ll come in to empty it or collect it.
  6. Examples of high traffic businesses to target include delis, coffee shops, newspaper stands and restaurants. If they refuse to allow you to leave your collection case, ask if they’ll let you come in one day and physically collect the coins.
  7. Chat with friends and see if they would be willing to join you in your efforts! Tell them about your coin drive, your goals, your timeframe, how it will support the sarcoma community, etc.
  8. Working with friends can be fun. Think of some fun events you can host that can go toward your coin drive. Is it a basic bake sale at school or a carwash.
  9. Once your finished contact EDDF and proudly tell them you’ve completed your coin drive. They’ll let you know the easiest way to deliver the coins.
  10.  At this point you can feel good about your work. You have single-handedly made a difference in the fight against sarcoma and you have contributed to EDDF’s Provide the Assist grants. These offer important financial assistance to adults in active treatment for sarcoma.

Our Mission: The Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation (EDDF) is dedicated to finding a cure for sarcoma, a rare cancer, by increasing public awareness, funding sarcoma research, and providing support for adults with sarcoma and their families through financial assistance, education and advocacy.

We believe this will be accomplished by cooperative collaboration with those organizations, medical professionals, and individuals that share these common goals.

With the help of our generous sponsors, foundation partners, and the tireless work of the EDDF Board of Directors, we are committed to supporting innovative research that leads to the discovery of tomorrow’s cure while also providing immediate support today to patients who must travel great distances to receive life-saving treatments.

Reaching our goal of a sarcoma cure will require a team effort – the ultimate assist.

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