The Power of Positive Thinking


“You cannot tailor-make the situations in life but you can tailor-make the attitudes to fit those situations.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Cancer is not produced by a person’s negative outlook and it certainly doesn’t get worse when people have negative thoughts. However, we understand that dealing with sarcoma realistically means there will be a lot of days where you and your caregiver feel sad and negative, but we also hope there are many days when you can feel positive. If you can focus on the small victories in the present, the future, getting better and enjoying all the things that may have passed you by before your cancer diagnosis, then you have achieved the power of positive thinking.

One of the beautiful memories friends and family often share about Eric D. Davis is that they spent valuable quality time with him while he was fighting sarcoma. That is a very positive way to think about a very hard time.

Here are a few quotes we pulled from our profiles of sarcoma that show the positive and determined mindset of so many people battling sarcoma:

Meredith: “Stay positive. Negative thinking will get you nowhere. Keep telling yourself that cancer will not beat you, that you will beat the cancer. Fight. Fight as hard as you can.”

Peter: “‘ Hope is the only thing stronger than fear’ … I live life day by day and have an amazing wife and 4yr old boy, they keep me smiling and I live for them, being a positive person helps to get through these horrible times.”

Barry: “Every day you get up, look at it like any other day you’ve faced. Just tell yourself you’re going to win no matter what.  Do not allow your mind to be defeated. Don’t give up even though it will be very hard some days. Keep positive thoughts, vibes and attitude.”

Cassandra: “I hope to pay it forward as soon as I am able!”

And a few positive phrases from our #SixWords2Sarcoma contest during sarcoma awareness month:

Tina: “I beat you and I will survive”

Michelle: “I won’t give up my fight”

Joy: “Keep fighting and don’t give up”

Tell us in the comments how you stay positive while fighting an illness or during hard times in life? Do you think a positive attitude is important?


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