The Cancer Survivor Toolbox

“Cancer… survivor. 

For nearly one and a half million people in the United States who will be diagnosed with cancer this year, that first word is most frightening. To the more than 12 million who have already heard that word applied to us, the second word is ever so important. Survivor… a word that represents the strength, courage, and determination to face your worst fears and to move forward.”

This is the introduction to the Cancer Survivor Toolbox. The toolbox is a free audio program that is designed to give people the tools they need to face many different scenarios, conversations and issues that arise throughout the cancer journey. And, each of these scenarios is inspired by true-life experiences and stories shared by cancer patients and survivors.

You can listen in the car, listen on a walk or late at night before bed. No matter where and when you choose, many have found these audio programs to be really helpful in the time during and after their cancer fight.

Some of the subjects covered by the Cancer Survivor Toolbox include standing up for your rights, topics for older people, communicating, making decisions, solving problems, caring for the caregiver and first steps for the newly diagnosed. There are also some sections dedicated to specific forms of cancer, such as Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Another important area that this toolbox covers is “dying well- the final stage of survivorship.” This is designed to help guide discussions such as telling people you are dying, making decisions about pain management, making decisions about hospice and dealing with anxiety or depression.

To download sections of the Cancer Survivor Toolbox, visit the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship’s website.


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