Small Army Mighty Battle



Many of us have been drafted into this cancer war to find a sarcoma cure. Sometimes reluctantly. Sometimes willingly. Some of us have been directly impacted, and others have only recently heard of the disease.

However we came, we are here.

After watching our loved ones or friends fight to survive, we are united in a common goal: finding a cure for sarcoma.

A specialized army is needed for this task. It is our duty to raise awareness about sarcoma and fight for more effective treatments, research, and ultimately a cure. If not us, then who? Because sarcoma is referred to as the “forgotten cancer,” the burden unjustly falls on sarcoma patients and their families to push our government, pharmaceutical companies, and others to do more.

It won’t be easy; but anything worth having is worth the fight.

We are slowly building an army, one supporter at a time. We are small in number, but mighty in battle. By uniting with others dedicated to finding a sarcoma cure including Sarcoma Foundation of America and the Sarcoma Alliance, we will not stop advocating for sarcoma-specific research and raising awareness of this cancer with our family and friends.

More importantly, we are committed to those currently fighting and surviving so that you don’t feel alone. One of the worst symptoms of this disease is the feeling that no one else is going through what you are going through. There is an awesome sense of community when you know there are others like you who truy understand.

We will not waver. We will not be moved. The cost has been too high.

And when we have tried everything that is currently possible, we will fight to INCREASE the possibilities. We will study new techniques and battle plans to stay current on resources available for sarcoma patients. We will continue to shine a light on this “forgotten cancer” and add it to the cancer discussion. This is not a cause of the week or a common cancer where we can afford to sit on the sidelines.

Because sarcoma is rare, it demands that we fight continuously to ensure that future patients have a better outcome.

We are a small army. We are mighty in battle. We have just begun to fight.


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