See EDDF on Captivate Network Elevator Screens


You see us on Facebook, Twitter, our website and more … and now you look up and see us at work? Yes, for the second year in a row, the Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation is using digital place-based media to spread the word about our year-end fundraising campaigns. We are running a PSA on Captivate Network, the screens in the elevators.

In the Dallas-Fort Worth Markets, our message will be played in Captivate’s 40 buildings, on 396 screens reaching 1.5M monthly impressions. Look for our Holidays of Happiness ad during the first three weeks of November.

This year we’ll be running our second annual Holidays of Happiness year-end fundraising drive. This is an essential aspect of our fundraising as it helps us support adult sarcoma patients and their families, sarcoma research, awareness, and our signature Provide the Assist campaigns.  In November, we’ll give you full details on how you can get involved and give a gift.

So, next time you hop into an elevator to ride up to your office, look on your Captivate screen and see us at work. Tell a friend, snap a photo (and share with us) and help us spread awareness of sarcoma and our Holidays of Happiness fundraising drive.


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