Profiles of Sarcoma: Provide the Assist Recipient Rhonda


The donations you make to the Provide the Assist Fund are so important! Often times the easiest way for us to express that to you is to let you hear directly from the Provide the Assist Fund recipients. Today we introduce you to Rhonda. She has had numerous battles with liposarcoma and is bravely fighting it again. Rhonda (in photo with her three teens) received a Provide the Assist grant this year and tells us about the impact it made on her life.

Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation (EDDF): Tell us about yourself and what type of sarcoma or rare cancer you have:

Rhonda: I am a single mother of three teens battling liposarcoma cancer for the fourth time.

EDDF: What do the words “Provide The Assist” mean to you?

Rhonda: Provide The Assist means giving support to a sarcoma patient who can not financially afford the necessary cost, such as transportation, lodging, meals and childcare, during their cancer treatment.

EDDF: What do you want to tell donors who have contributed to the Provide the Assist Fund?

Rhonda: I want to tell [donors] who have contributed to the Provide the Assist Fund thank you for helping cancer patients beyond the doctor’s office and hospital room. Your giving made a positive impact in my life!

EDDF:  Could you share with us how this grant will make a difference in your life right now?

Rhonda: This grant made a big difference in my life. It lifted a huge burden off my shoulders and allowed me to focus on healing. Thank you so much for supporting my fight against cancer!

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