Profiles of Sarcoma: Peter


Have we told you lately that we have the most AMAZING group of supporters in the EDDF family? Today we meet a new person, bravely sharing his story to raise awareness of sarcoma and offer support to so many people fighting sarcoma. He is also someone who, much like so many of us, is taking this experience and trying to see the good in all of the pain that he has been through to move forward and help others.

Peter Daintree is a young father who joins us from England. He enjoys playing soccer and hopes to get involved with the Paralympics. He also plans to eventually start counseling others who need help. Thank you Pete for sharing your story.

Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation (EDDF): Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Peter Daintree (PD): I’m 31yrs old from a place called Canvey Island, Essex, England. I work for London Underground, which is our tube service in London! Hobbies, I played football (soccer) until my amputation so now I just watch. I’m looking to get involved in the Paralympics when I’m fit enough.

EDDF: What type of sarcoma do you have?

PD: I had Ewings Sarcoma

EDDF: How did you first detect you had sarcoma?

PD: I was 29 and played football one day and felt a pain in my foot, went to the doctor and he said I had gout, then a year later I needed my knee operated on and my foot got worse following the surgery, they scanned my foot and found the cancer.

EDDF: Tell us about your experience with sarcoma and sarcoma treatments

PD: My experience was a whirlwind, from being diagnosed in May 2011, 10 days later I needed urgent chemotherapy as my tumor was growing rapidly, I was on Vide chemo of which I had 8 sessions the a below knee amputation then I was scheduled to have 6 sessions of VIA Chemo but only completed 3 as my body had enough. I reacted very well to the chemo but the surgeon advised me that for bet quality of life I needed the amputation.

Peter: "Me and new leg or as my son says 'Daddys Special Leg'"

Peter: “Me and new leg or as my son says ‘Daddys Special Leg'”

EDDF: Why do you think it is important for people to donate time and money to organizations like the Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation?

PD: Foundations like this can help raise awareness and get people checked out and given the treatment needed, it’s a great foundation ands support!

EDDF: What quote or saying has helped you through this journey?

PD: The saying “Hope is the only thing stronger than fear”

EDDF: How do you stay positive?

PD: I live life day by day and have an amazing wife and 4yr old boy, they keep me smiling and I live for them, being a positive person helps to get through these horrible times.

EDDF: Anything you would like to add?

PD: Going through this illness has made me wake up and realize life is too short, I’ve also realized who my true friends are and whom I want in my life. I would always encourage people to talk about their problems and not let them build up inside, I’m soon to be doing a course to become a counselor as I believe I can give something to others that need help.

If you or someone you know would like to share your story of sarcoma or rare cancer with EDDF, please click this link.


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