Profiles of Sarcoma: In Memory of Naomi


Update: We were saddened to learn that Naomi received her wings from the Lord December 15, 2014.  Below is an interview previously provided from Naomi and her daughter.


Today we have the chance to chat with Naomi and Chantel Fox. They are mother and daughter located not too far from EDDF in Texas. Naomi, with the help of Chantel, shares her story of LeiomyoSarcoma. Thank you for courageously telling us about your fight against sarcoma and if any of our readers would like to also share a story, please visit this link.

Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation (EDDF): Tell us a bit about yourself.

Naomi Fox (NF): My mother’s name is Naomi Fox from Jackson, MS.  She is a 59-year-old mother of six children ages 41, 34, 30, 28 and 19-year-old twins. She was a physical education teacher and later became a stay at home mom and avid self-employed Skin Care Director for Lady Love Cosmetics based in Dallas, TX. Hobbies include; gardening, attending plant swaps, coupon shopping, traveling, and taking care of senior citizens and disabled individuals.

EDDF: What type of sarcoma did you have?

NF: Leiomyosarcoma (LMS)

EDDF: How did you first detect you had sarcoma?

NF: I had a horrible pain in my abdomen that was misdiagnosed for about a year.  How old were you? 51

EDDF: Tell us about your experience with sarcoma and sarcoma treatments.

NF: I had a total of 10 surgeries over the years to re-sect the tumors.

No chemotherapy was performed at anytime during these surgeries, I was told that LMS did not respond to chemotherapy. However, after a CT/PET scan revealed several metastasis to the bones and soft tissues, my oncologist gave up on me and referred me to pain management. My daughter, (Chantel) tried to get me to MD Anderson in Texas, but then I was denied by Windsor Medicare and had to change to traditional Medicare, which took at least a month. During this time, my daughter, found a local oncologist in May 2012 who has been treating me with Gemzar and Taxotere.

EDDF: What would you tell someone who just found out they have sarcoma?


EDDF: What/who has been your inspiration throughout this experience?

NF: My inspiration has been my relationship with God, who has helped me through a multitude of ups and downs and the support of my daughter (Chantel) who has been to every appointment with me and keeps up with all of my medical needs. My husband who stays up with me all night through pain crisis and has taken care of the family when I couldn’t. All of my children who pitch in to do whatever is needed to take care of me.

EDDF: If someone has a friend or family member with sarcoma what are some ways they can support that person?

NF: Take them to appointments and STAY there with them. Be there for them even when they are hurting. Research things for them and assist them with hobbies and other leisure activities.

EDDF: Anything you would like to add?

NF: I would just like to reiterate the importance of going to a Sarcoma Specialist, this is something I wish I would have done, I just didn’t know. Also, I appreciate organizations like the “Cancercard Exchange,” Layers of Love” “EDD Foundation” and the “American Cancer Society” who have provided some meaningful things for my family and me. “The little things really mean a lot when you are hurting”

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Some photos of Naomi’s family & friends doing the Relay for Life






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