Profiles of Sarcoma: Lei Lani


Lei Lani has bravely agreed to share her story of sarcoma with us.

She writes, “I am a non Hodgkin lymphoma stage 4 bone cancer survivor recently diagnosed  12/10/2013 with pleomorphic liposarcoma. I am at a disadvantage for treatment because I have state medicaid. My orthopedic surgeon removed a tumor from my knee on 11/25/13 due to being told it was benign. When the tumor was sent to the Cleveland Clinic for diagnosis that is when it was discovered to be the rarest type of liposarcoma and appeared to be incompletely excised. I am aware they suggest a wide re- excision with negative margins and some radiation as long as it has not metastasized. I live in Nevada and am surrounded by three states with Sarcoma centers. I was diagnosed 17 years ago by the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. They will not see me because they don’t take medicaid from another state.I see my oncologist on the 24th, hoping that having a rare sarcoma will play in my favor.”


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