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The following EDDF programs have been developed in partnership with leading authorities in family counseling, patient advocacy, and sarcoma research:

Provide the Assist Grants

These grants offers much needed financial assistance for adult sarcoma patients receiving treatment for sarcoma or other rare cancers. Provide the Assist grants will serve to help cover transportation, lodging and meals during treatments.




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Research Grants

Funds for research grants will be raised through the EDDF Research Grants Program which is focused on discovering and developing innovative and effective sarcoma therapies. By leveraging nationally recognized organizations in both the private and public sector to review and approve Sarcoma projects, EDDF supporters can be assured that only those with the highest reward are selected.


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Family Fast Break

This program will provide education and support to those families with a parental cancer diagnosis, enabling them to go on the offensive against this life-threatening disease.  Resources available through the program include age-appropriate information for children and teens, Christian-based family counseling, and Fast Breakaway retreats that allow families to visit with others in similar situations as well as the opportunity to simply escape from the daily stress that a cancer diagnosis can bring.

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