Join Us For A Sarcoma-Focused Tweetchat May 14


EDDF co-founders Zanetta Davis and Nia Davis will be guest Tweeters in a sarcoma-focused Tweet Chat led by Treatment Diaries on May 14, 2013 (8pm EST).

A Tweet Chat is a guided conversation between Twitter users on a preselected date and time. The Tweet Chat can be easily followed because everyone uses the same hashtag on all of the Tweets (in this case #TreatDiariesChat). Everyone is welcome to join this sarcoma-focused Tweet Chat on May 14 at 8pm EST.

The Tweet Chat will be based around the work of the Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation and the story behind why the organization was founded. It will also focus on sarcoma, what it is and what resources are available for patients, survivors and caretakers.  In addition, people who have experienced any type of cancer, rare disease or have been a caretaker or family member will be able to engage and relate to others in this #TreatDiariesChat. There is opportunity for all attendees to interact, ask questions and share stories.

Two ways you can attend #TreatDiariesChat:

1. Log into Twitter at the start of the chat and search #TreatDiariesChat. You will want to search “all Tweets” because “top Tweets” may skip important contributions to the chat. You’ll continue searching this hashtag as a means of keeping the chat updated. In order to participate in the chat, all of your tweets must include the tag #TreatDiariesChat.

2. Log into with your Twitter account information. Enter the hashtag #TreatDiariesChat and automatically the service will list in chronological order all tweets that are using the same hashtag. And, when you type your Tweets in the text box, the #TreatDiariesChat hashtag will automatically be added to your Tweet.

Treatments Diaries Tweet Chats are held every Tuesday night and offer exceptional information, support and stories from people who have been touched by many different diseases.

Please join EDDF on May 14, 2013 from 8-9pm EST in what will be an inspiring, informative and supportive #TreatDiariesChat.


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