Introducing Our Give 2 Hope Campaign


It has been an amazing two years for the Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation. Since we launched on World Cancer Day in 2012 we have accomplished so much. And we could not have done it without you. So as we mark our two years as an organization, we also celebrate you. The work we have done in the fight against sarcoma and in supporting adult sarcoma patients and their families has been such an achievement. So thank you. We honor you the volunteer, the awareness promoter, the donor, the support, the researcher, the caregiver, the friend as we honor EDDF on February 4, 2014.

To mark this special day we are kicking off a new campaign on our anniversary date (2/4/2014). The new campaign is called “Give 2 Hope” and our request is so simple. For the rest of the year we will have $2 Tuesday. We ask for donations of $2 every Tuesday for the rest of the year. When you give, 100% of that direct donation goes to supporting adult sarcoma patients and never covers EDDF’s operational expenses. So when you give $2, you really give $2.

You may say… $2? What’s that going to do?

“Many drops make a bucket, many buckets make a pond, many ponds make a lake, and many lakes make an ocean.”

Percy Ross

Well $2, when combined with $2 … and so on, can do a lot. These donations can support lifesaving research, they can fund Provide the Assist Grants, they can help spread awareness of this “forgotten disease.” You’ll see on our homepage we have a progress bar that will show you how these donations are building up throughout the year.

Everyone is in a unique financial situation, but hope setting aside $2 for $2 Tuesday and donating to EDDF as often as you can is not too much to ask.  This also is a great way for children to make a donation if you can help them earn $2 and make the gift through our website.

Some simple ways of coming up with $2:

–       Clean out your car, the change will be there!

–       Skip your morning latte and set aside the money

–       Set aside your pocket change for a full week (we bet you’ll have more than $2)

–       Give kids chores or have them help a neighbor or volunteer and pay them to create their donation. Or reward them for good behavior with $2 and an ice cream.

–       Clip coupons and set your savings aside

–       Recycle you cans (also a good one for kids)

Thank you for all you do! You can give once, you can give every week or you can give when you can- every $2 is valuable and appreciated. Click here to make a $2 donation.


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