Important Resources for Caregivers


Whether it is caring for a patient or an elderly person anyone who has ever been a caregiver knows that knowledge is power. You are focused on caring for your loved one, and the more educated and wise choices you can make for them (and you) the better off you’ll be. And, every caregiver knows that the role can come with some extremely stressful and sad days. Relaxing and finding support is important too.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 important resources for caregivers.

  1. The U.S. government: They have full section on the official government website dedicated to offering resources for caregivers. From understanding benefits to finding care facilities, the U.S. government has many tools and article to help any type of caregiver. Click here the U.S. govt’s caregiver resources page. 
  2. Caregiver Action Network: This is a group that is dedicated to helping many types of caregivers, including new ones, caregivers from afar and caregivers who are working. They tend to take a sensitive approach and respond with practical and helpful advice. They also have a helpful “toolbox” designed for helping children care for elderly parents.
  3. Sarcoma Resources Section: Our website,, offers a section devoted to assisting sarcoma patients and caregivers. From glossary terms to links for financial assistance and information on sarcoma support groups, we have comprehensive information for those battling sarcoma and their caregivers. Click here to visit the sarcoma resources section. 
  4. The American Cancer Society: They offer an overview of the types of things a cancer caregiver should anticipate as we all as tips for coping and caring for themselves.  There are also tips on finances, treatment information and end of life care. Click here to see ACS’ cancer caregiver section.
  5. Amazon offers hundreds of books on caregiving, so how do you choose the best? At the date of this blog post, these were the top 5 “customer rated” caregiving books on Amazon. Click the title to learn more about each book.
    1. Passages in Caregiving: Turning Chaos into Confidence by Gail Sheehy
    2. The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving: A Novel by Jonathan Evison
    3. The Caregiving Wife’s Handbook: Caring for Your Seriously Ill Husband, Caring for Yourself by Diana B. Denholm
    4. A Spirituality of Caregiving (Henri Nouwen Spirituality) by Henri J.M. Nouwen and John S Mogabgab
    5. To Survive Caregiving: A Daughter’s Experience, A Doctor’s Advice on Finding Hope, Help and Health by Cheryl E. Woodson, MD, FACP and AGSF

Also, we’ve started a collaborative board on Pinterest focused around caregiver resources, inspirational quotes, tips for stress reduction and more. There are 11 members of this board and we welcome you to join the collaborative board and share pins on any type of caregiving. As we said… knowledge is power, but support, stress relief and comfort are very important for caregivers as well. Click here to visit the collaborative board and feel free to comment below on this post if you have any great caregiver resources to share.


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