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When someone is diagnosed with a rare cancer like sarcoma, they can often feel isolated. They are often faced with misdiagnosis, delay in diagnosis or lack of effective treatment options. With all of these burdens, it can be difficult to keep hope. Because of the complexity of sarcoma and the more Read more

Profiles of Sarcoma: Suzanne

Something is not right Two years ago, Suzanne felt a lump under her right arm.  A breast cancer survivor, Suzanne knew to immediately go to her oncologist about it.  The doctor told Suzanne it was probably a boil and to just watch it.  Suzanne noticed no other symptoms until seven months later Read more

Update On Sarcoma Warrior: Brett

We were so excited to receive the following update on Brett, who was profiled on our site November 2014.  It has been a rough few months since Brett was diagnosed with sarcoma.  Since November, Brett has now completed 4 rounds of his aggressive chemotherapy. When the family arrived for Brett's 5th Read more

Profiles of Sarcoma: Andrea

In May 2012, Andrea had a great opportunity to work with a company she had been interested in for years. Andrea and her family packed up and moved so she could accept the position.  Things were going great until she was diagnosed with Adeno Sarcoma six months later. Since Andrea had just started Read more

Profiles of Sarcoma: Alanzo

I'm a survivor of synovial sarcoma cancer, and I thank God for seeing me through. On October 23rd 2014, Alanzo was working at a warehouse doing shipping and receiving. A big box fell on his right hand causing it to swell even though he put ice on it.  Still swolen, Alanzo went to the hospital the Read more

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