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After a sarcoma diagnosis, the treatment plan can be costly.  Given that sarcoma is rare, many patients have to travel more than 20 miles from their home to receive the best treatment from a trained sarcoma specialist or center.  The added expenses associated with this travel only place an even greater financial burden on the patient dealing with the rising cost of cancer care.

Common travel expenses for sarcoma patients include:

  • Increased costs for gasoline and parking fees due to daily radiation treatments
  • Childcare while receiving chemotherapy treatment
  • Reduced work schedule resulting in less earnings
  • Increase in co-payments due to more follow-up doctor visits
  • Hotel & lodging while away from home for treatment
  • Transportation to sarcoma center by car, bus, train or airplane
  • Family and living expenses while away from home

When you sponsor a warrior, you can make an unforgettable impact in their lives.

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Make an Unforgettable Difference

Sponsor a Warrior

 Frequently Asked Questions

What am I paying for when I sponsor a warrior?

100% of your donation goes to the patients we are supporting. Your gift covers the cost of transportation, meals, co-pays, gasoline, childcare, and food while the patient is in treatment.

Can I pick which patient to sponsor?

Every quarter, EDDF identifies at least five adult sarcoma or rare cancer patients to support with the most urgent need. Sponsoring a patient ensures we can give the greatest impact immediately. In addition, general donations to our Foundation also go to serve others requesting support through our Provide the Assist Fund.  

How does EDDF determine the minimum cost for sponsoring a patient?

Costs vary based on the individual and actual treatment.  The American Cancer Society estimates that the average annual health care expenses for newly diagnosed cancer patients younger than 65 years were $16,910 in 2007, with $2,159 (13%) paid directly out of survivors’ pockets.  See the American Cancer Society, Cancer Treatment & Survivorship Facts & Figures, 2012-2013, page 20. 

Has the cost for sarcoma cancer treatment increased?

Yes. The cost for cancer treatment continues to rise along with other healthcare costs.  Due to the rarity of adult sarcoma, research in this field has attracted few investigators. As a result, most patients with a sarcoma diagnosis will have to travel away from their home whether for a second opinion or to receive the best treatment available. This travel only adds to the financial burden many patients face.


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