Enhance Your EDDF Donation – Does your company have a Corporate Match program?

A common way that many companies, both large and small, are rewarding their employees for their philanthropic efforts is through a “Corporate Match” program. When an employee donates to an organization and reports it to their employer, many employers then match their employee’s donation (up to the same amount) to the same organization.

While every company is different, contact your human resources (HR) department at work and find out if your company has a “Corporate Match” program. Generally this is how a corporate match works:

– Someone has read about an organization such as Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation (EDDF). They’ve learned about the support efforts of EDDF  for people dealing with sarcoma. The person decides they would like to donate  $100 to EDDF, so they go online and make the donation through the EDDF website.

– The donor contacts their human resource (HR) department to find out if their company will match their donation.

– The donor informs the HR department about EDDF and their registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization status.

– If the company matches individual donations, they’ll likely ask for EDDF’s contact information, to confirm the donor’s name (usually the name of the employee, not a spouse or child) and the amount of the donation.

– Company’s typically need EDDF’s Tax Identification Number (TIN) / Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN): 45-4234778.

– Upon corporate match approval, the company informs the employee. The employee (donor) should verify the receipt of the corporate match with EDDF.

Although an additional step in the donation process, the ability to double your donation creates a win for all parties to help assist in the cure for sarcoma.

The Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation has a board member dedicated to all aspects of community outreach. If you have any questions about a corporate match or any other area of community giving, please contact Charles Robertson at Charles@EricDDavisFoundation.org.



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