5 Free Ways to Support EDDF


The money that we raise for the Provide the Assist Fund, sarcoma research and other sarcoma-related funds is so important in the fight against sarcoma. However, if this is not the best time for you to donate money for whatever reason, you can still make such a big impact in supporting EDDF.

These are 5 free ways people can lend a hand to EDDF:

  1. We like you, so why don’t you like us? If you haven’t already friended us on Facebook or followed us on Pinterest and Twitter, please do so! Your support and interaction on our social platforms will help spread our message.
  2. Lend a hand! We are always looking for volunteers for our events. And, if you’re really feeling ambitious, organize an event to support EDDF. There are so many things you can do, and every little bit means so much.
  3. Share your story. So many of our supporters have found us because they have a tie to sarcoma in some way. We’d love to share your story on our blog. Whether you want to write it, or would like to share it with our blog writer, telling your story is so helpful to the sarcoma community.
  4. Join and share our email newsletter. Twice a month we send out an email newsletter that details EDDF updates, sarcoma news and healthy living tips. The more people we reach the bigger impact we have. You can help us grow by subscribing and forwarding it to your friends.
  5. Donate something you don’t need. We are always accepting donations that we can share with families battling sarcoma or give out as prizes or auction off at our events. If you’re a talented artist or photographer and have work to donate that would be wonderful. If you’re a hairdresser or manicurist maybe you’d like to donate your services. Or, even if you have gift cards lying around that you never think you’ll use. The things you may not want or need could make a huge difference to someone else. And, it costs nothing to give them away.

Contact us with any questions or ideas how you could lend at hand to EDDF.


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